May 20, 2022

Alcoa volunteers take action to support gifted and talented students

Conducted in both Portuguese and Brazilian sign language to accommodate a deaf colleague, a virtual Alcoa employee volunteer project at our Poços de Caldas location in Brazil expanded the educational and career horizons of gifted and talented students at the Centre for Talent and Potential Development (CEDET).

CEDET is a special education center operated by the Lavras School System with technical and civil responsibility delegated to the Association of Parents and Friends for Supporting Talent (ASPAT). CEDET’s main goal is to cultivate the proper physical and social environment for complementing and supplementing educational support for gifted and talented students.

Alcoa volunteers first learned more about CEDET’s mission and purpose before conducting two virtual sessions for around 30 students ages 11 to 15. The first session focused on diversity and inclusion and included discussions on social issues, Alcoa’s inclusion groups, unconscious bias, and prejudiced terminology and expressions. The session concluded with a former CEDET student sharing her personal and professional story.

In the second session, our volunteers and the students discussed studies and careers. Topics included areas of study, tips on how to study during the pandemic, entrance exams, higher education institutions, career sharing and the importance of learning English.

“We only have one word to define this action—gratitude,” said Tiago Sidnei Abreu Miguel, CEDET coordinator. “Volunteers helped rekindle the flame of hope in our students, who, even participating in remote activities, were very saddened by this pandemic situation. A very special and motivating moment was the testimony of a volunteer who was a 13-year former student at CEDET. It was as if we were seeing the future of our students.”

In addition to the ACTION event, Instituto Alcoa provided a donation to support the purchase of technology and laboratory equipment for CEDET students.

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