April 12, 2021

Training Program Closes Skill Gaps in Guinea

School to School GuineaFunded by Alcoa Foundation, a unique training program in Guinea is helping graduates of vocational training centers close skill gaps in English and computer science to better integrate into the job market.

For decades, Guinea has undertaken training reforms to better match the skills of the country’s workforce with the needs of the labor market. Although these efforts have proved successful, graduates still struggled to secure employment because they did not possess certain skills required for public service or by private companies.

To close the gap, Alcoa Foundation has partnered with nonprofit School-to-School Guinea (STSG) to provide free refresher training in English and computer science to 300 vocational school graduates, of which 50 percent must be female. The program received the support of the country’s educational authorities, as it aligns with a Guinea policy to foster training on information technology and communications.

Nearly 110 students completed the training prior to the onset of the pandemic, with the remainder expected to graduate once the program can resume safely in 2021.

“If you don’t learn English and computer science today, it’s not easy to get a job,” said program participant Koriagbè Keïta. “Since the end of training, I have gone from the rank of trainee to contract secretary for the Donka Professional Vocational Training Center. I manage to do the work that is entrusted to me better than before.”