April 08, 2020

On a Course to Employment

SenaiA partnership between our Alumar operations in São Luís, Brazil, and national training organization SENAI is boosting workforce skill levels and creating sustainable employment opportunities for the region’s residents.

A survey of local employers identified workforce skills required for their operations. SENAI then developed courses to address the gaps, with residents applying for the free training. Alumar funds the program due to its priority in hiring local workers.

Since 2016, SENAI has conducted professional training for São Luís residents in the construction trades, including bricklaying, painting, carpentry and ironworks. Most courses run for two months, and participants completing the training receive a certificate from SENAI and access to job placement services. Through 2019, SENAI had issued more than 190 certificates.

“I had no qualifications as a painter, so I decided to take the course to improve myself and acquire more knowledge,” said Simone Rodrigues. “Upon completion, I got work initially as a painter’s assistant since I did not have much experience. Because of the training, I could get a new job and improve the quality of life for my family.”