It’s important to understand that even if you’re covered by Medicare Part B and the Alcoa Medicare Supplement Plan, you’ll still have some out of pocket expenses you’ll need to pay. That’s why Alcoa offers you a second plan for even more coverage. It’s called MedOption.


MedOption is only available to retirees enrolled in the Alcoa Medicare Supplement Plan. You pay the full cost of this coverage.


This kind of plan is often called a Medigap plan since it provides coverage for expenses that fall into the gap between what Medicare and the Alcoa Plan pays. It offers additional coverage for expenses such as laboratory tests, X-rays, radiation and chemotherapy treatments, doctor visits, and outpatient surgical facility fees.


MedOption isn’t an Alcoa plan. It’s actually provided through your medical claims administrator. As a convenience, you can enroll in this plan through Alcoa.


There are many types of Medigap plans available on the market, so MedOption may not be the only choice you have for Medigap coverage. We recommend that you shop around for the Medigap plan that best meets your needs.


Most insurance companies like Aetna, Blue Cross, Cigna, Humana, United Health Care, and others offer Medigap plans. They can also be available through organizations like the AARP.