Aluminum Ingot
Our global network of primary aluminum facilities produces a full line of commodity-grade aluminum ingot, high-purity ingot, extrusion log and billet, casting alloys, cast rod and rolling ingot. Our leadership in technology, capacity and strategic location offers you the best possible choice of price, quality and availability.

: Billet - Europe, Billet - North America, Billet - Norway

Cast Rod
: Cast Rod - Europe, Cast Rod - North America

Commodity Grade P1020
: Commodity Grade P1020

Foundry Ingot
: Foundry Ingot - Europe, Foundry Ingot - North America, Foundry Ingot - Norway

High Purity Ingot
: High Purity Ingot - Europe, High Purity Ingot - North America

: Alcoa Aluminum Powder

Rolling Slab
: Rolling Slab - Europe, Rolling Slab - North America, Rolling Slab - Norway

We are one of the world's largest suppliers of aluminum continuous cast rod products in the world. In North America, our production facilities are located in Becancour and Baie-Comeau, Canada. Our cast rod facilities are equipped with state of the art casting technology to provide customers with the finest quality rod products available in the industry.