Alcoa Worldwide Smelting Capacity
As of September 30, 2015

Country Facility Owners Nameplate Capacity1 Alcoa Consolidated Capacity2
(% Of Ownership) (000 MTPY) (000 MTPY)
Portland Alcoa of Australia Limited (AofA)3 (55%)
CITIC4 (22.5%)
Marubeni4 (22.5%)
358 1975,6
São Luís (Alumar) Alcoa Alumínio S.A.7 (60%)
BHP Billiton4 (40%)
447 2688
Baie Comeau Alcoa (100%) 280 280
Bécancour Alcoa (74.95%)
Rio Tinto Alcan Inc.9 (25.05%)
413 310
Deschambault Alcoa (100%) 260 260
Fjarðaál Alcoa (100%) 344 344
Lista Alcoa (100%) 94 94
Mosjøen Alcoa (100%) 188 188
Avilés Alcoa (100%) 9310 93
La Coruña Alcoa (100%) 8710 87
San Ciprián Alcoa (100%) 228 228
United States
Evansville, IN (Warrick) Alcoa (100%) 269 269
Massena West, NY Alcoa (100%) 130 130
Rockdale, TX Alcoa (100%) 19111 191
Ferndale, WA (Intalco) Alcoa (100%) 27912 279
Wenatchee, WA Alcoa (100%) 18413 184
3,845 3,401

1 Nameplate Capacity is an estimate based on design capacity and normal operating efficiencies and does not necessarily represent maximum possible production.
2 The figures in this column reflect Alcoa’s share of production from these facilities.
3 This entity is part of the Alcoa World Alumina and Chemicals group of companies and is owned 60% by Alcoa and 40% by Alumina Limited.
4 The named company or an affiliate holds this interest.
5 This figure includes the minority interest of Alumina Limited in the Portland facility, which is owned by AofA. From this facility, Alcoa takes 100% of the production allocated to AofA.
6 The Portland smelter has approximately 30,000 mtpy of idle capacity.
7 This entity is owned 100% by Alcoa.
8 The Alumar smelter has been fully curtailed since April 2015 (see below).
9 Owned through Rio Tinto Alcan Inc.’s interest in Pechiney Reynolds Québec, Inc., which is owned by Rio Tinto Alcan Inc. and Alcoa.
10 The Avilés and La Coruña smelters have approximately 56,000 mtpy of idle capacity combined.
11 The Rockdale smelter has been fully curtailed since the end of 2008.
12 The Intalco smelter has approximately 49,000 mtpy of idle capacity.
13 The Wenatchee smelter has approximately 41,000 mtpy of idle capacity.

As of September 30, 2015, Alcoa had approximately 635,000 mtpy of idle capacity against total Alcoa Consolidated Capacity of 3,401,000 mtpy.

In March 2015, management initiated a 12-month review of 500,000 mtpy in smelting capacity for possible curtailment (partial or full), permanent closure or divestiture. This review is part of management’s target to lower Alcoa’s smelting operations on the global aluminum cost curve to the 38th percentile (currently 43rd) by 2016. As part of this review, in March 2015, management decided to curtail the remaining capacity (74,000 mtpy) at the Alumar smelter; this action was completed in April 2015.

Separate from the smelting capacity review described above, in June 2015, management decided to permanently close the Poços de Caldas smelter (96,000 mtpy) in Brazil effective immediately. The Poços de Caldas smelter had been temporarily idle since May 2014 due to challenging global market conditions for primary aluminum and higher operating costs, which made the smelter uncompetitive. The decision to permanently close the Poços de Caldas smelter was based on the fact that these underlying conditions have not improved. As a result, the Poços de Caldas smelter was removed from the table above.