In Guinea, Alcoa is a joint owner of Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinée, (CBG). CBG was formed in 1963 by the Government of Guinea and Halco (Mining), Inc. (Halco) to develop bauxite in the Boké region. The Government of Guinea owns 49%, and Boke Investment Company owns 51% of CBG. Halco owns 100% of Boke Investment Company.

With approximately 2,400 employees, the Company mines the world-class Sangarédi bauxite deposit in northwestern Guinea, recognized for its rich ore body containing more than 50 per cent alumina. CBG exports a total of about 15.2 million tons of high-grade bauxite annually Mining rights extend until 2038.

Alcoa office in Guinea is located at:

Alcoa Guinée
Immeuble Zein
6e étage, App. #1
B.P. 3686
Quartier Almamya
Commune de Kaloum
Guinea, Conakry

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