Warrick: The innovator in can technology

Our Rolling Mill at Warrick Operations, east of Evansville, Ind., has a history of innovation. We envisioned the rigid container sheet market before it even existed. This plant was built to pioneer a market, serve it and lead it. Today, Warrick continues to innovate with aluminum sheet used in packaging, including aluminum bottles and food cans. The facility leads in coating capacity, engineering and customer service. Warrick’s capability is vast, encompassing can body stock, can end and tab stock, bottle stock, food can stock, industrial sheet products and lithographic sheet.

New, state-of-the-art capacity: Ma’aden Rolling Mill

Joining Warrick in serving the North American can sheet market is Alcoa’s joint venture with Saudi Arabian Mining Company (Ma’aden), the Ma’aden Rolling Mill Company, of which Alcoa owns a 25.1 percent interest. One of the largest integrated aluminum production centers in the world, Ma’aden produces can body stock, and can end and tab stock.

These two centers work together to give our customers an edge in technology, quality, and service that will help them meet new challenges for decades to come.