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In aluminum cast products we provide excellent customer and technical service along with rigorous research and development that includes a commitment to sustainability, giving you confidence in the quality of our products.

  • Exceptional quality aluminum products
  • Unmatched customer service and technical field support
  • Global producer with domestic supply to support customer needs
  • Strong commitment to sustainability

Our global network of primary aluminum casthouses produces a complete portfolio of aluminum billet, foundry ingot, rolling slab, rod, powder, high purity and P1020, including proprietary alloys uniquely designed for today’s most challenging applications. These high-quality, cutting-edge products are the result of constant research, testing, and technological advancement.

Our technical service team supports our products with expert knowledge and technical and design assistance, working through a global network anchored by our world class Alcoa Technical Center. With these resources, we can help you identify alloy formulations that meet or exceed your application’s specific property and performance requirements while optimizing casting processes.

How Cast Products Come to Life

Get the inside scoop on how our cast products come to life. This animation video gives insight into the products Alcoa has to offer and how and where they are produced.

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Heat treatment no longer needed after high-pressure die casting

Two new and improved Alcoa non-heat-treated alloys, A152 and A153, will allow manufacturers to skip heat treatment of high-pressure die castings. These alloys make it possible to use parts in their “as-cast” state, eliminating two costly process steps -- heat treatment and straightening – while yielding required mechanical properties. The new alloys are suited for complex thin-wall castings for car body structures for both conventional and electric vehicles.
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Alcoa SupraCast™ aluminum alloy answers the call for vehicle lightweighting and engine downsizing

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Lightweighting with the Alcoa family of aluminum foundry alloys

Benefits and applications

Alcoa's SUSTANA™ product line reduces the carbon footprint of your products