August 4, 2021

Alumar Facilitates Purchase of COVID-Related Medical Equipment for Local Hospital

As one of the primary hospitals serving the Brazilian state of Maranhão, the University Hospital of the Federal University of Maranhão has been on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic – but it hasn’t had to face the fight alone.

Maranhão-based Alumar, which is managed by Alcoa, has a decades-long partnership with the hospital and has assisted in the purchase of COVID-related medical equipment. In July, Alumar, located in the city of São Luís, announced a $25,000 donation through the Alcoa Foundation for ventilator machines for high-flow oxygen therapy.

Dulcimar Soares, EH&S Manager at Alumar, believes deeply in Alumar’s responsibility to support the local community, particularly because the operation is one of the region’s largest employers.

“Our community and our company have learned a lot throughout this pandemic, but this experience has underscored the importance of our commitment to the local community, to Maranhão, and to Brazil,” said Soares.

Since the start of the pandemic, Alcoa Foundation and Instituto Alcoa have donated more than $525,000 to various organizations across Brazil for social services, medical supplies, and food. For example, similar equipment and financial donations have been made to the Juruti 9 de Abril Hospital, the primary healthcare facility serving the community near Alcoa’s Juruti mine. Alcoa also delivered oxygen to neighboring municipalities, brought in ICU doctors to bolster local resources, and provided a boat to serve as a traveling hospital.

Joyce Santos, superintendent of the Maranhão hospital, agrees that Alumar has been a valuable partner and she’s thankful for the new equipment.

“We will be able to provide more qualified care and prevent some of these patients from needing intubation," Santos said. She explained that the hospital has been using high-flow oxygen therapy for COVID-19 patients with good success over the past year, and these new machines will allow the hospital to serve more patients concurrently.