October 29, 2020

Alcoa Foundation Covid-19 Response Update

Alcoa Foundation has pledged US$1.7 million to support coronavirus-relief efforts in the communities where Alcoa operates. This is in addition to the nearly USD$3 million the Foundation already committed to grantmaking in local communities, which can be used to support humanitarian aid projects.

"This is an unprecedented time, even in corporate philanthropy, and we are all doing our part to help our neighbors as best we can," said Rosa García Pineiro, President, Alcoa Foundation. "We need to be flexible this year to truly meet the needs of the communities where we operate, and we believe providing aid for coronavirus relief is how we can provide the best support now."

In 2020, Alcoa Foundation has allocated nearly US$4.7 million for grantmaking in our local communities in 2020, including a regular allocation of US$3 million that can also be used for humanitarian aid relief projects related to COVID-19 and the Foundation’s focus areas of Education, Environment, Community Enhancement and Governance programs.

In collaboration with our partners, we will do our best to respond to local needs during this challenging time. Our thoughts are with those impacted. Learn more from this infographic.