Protecting the environment starts with individual action. We encourage Alcoa employees to commit to positive change and action.

employees holding plants


In 2014, we:

  • Planted 63,000 trees
  • Recycled 10,500 lbs of electronics
  • Led 125 environmental workshops
  • Rehabilitated 150 rivers and parks

Green Works is part of Alcoa's global commitment to environmental stewardship that spans several key initiatives: Make an ImpactEarthwatchKeystone Science School, Ten Million Trees, and Recycling – supporting employee efforts to address critical environmental issues.


In celebration of Arbor Day, Earth Day and World Environment Day, from April 21 to June 21 Alcoa employees volunteer to reduce their carbon footprint, recycle to save energy, and plant trees to replenish the environment.


Learn more about Alcoa Foundation's focus on the environment and commitment to bring about meaningful and systemic improvements in environmental sustainability.



Partnering with Greening Australia and Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Rehabilitation to plant trees and build new habitats for wildlife.



Alcoa volunteers plant trees, educate students about how to protect the environment and host lectures about sustainability.



In partnership with Tree Canada, 30,000 trees were planted in communities where Alcoa operates.



Alcoa employees plant trees, beautify public spaces and host campaigns encouraging people to protect the environment.



  • Germany: Create special flower beds to brighten the lives of elderly persons who use a wheelchair and reside in a local nursing home.
  • Switzerland: Combine wellness and the environment by participating in the 20km Lausanne Marathon through the scenic Lake Geneva area.
  • Norway: Initiate a workshop to identify ways to recycle, reduce or sell waste from the smelters. 


Suralco volunteers partner with community-based organizations and the Girl Scouts to clean and replenish playgrounds in urban areas. 



Alcoa employees plant 15,000 trees throughout Samara in a effort to reforest areas damaged by fires during the extremely hot summer of 2010. 


United States

Alcoa employees beautify parks, teach students about recycling, host electronic recycling drives, and plant trees.