Working with us

With our nonprofit partners we contribute to economic success, environmental excellence and social responsibility around the globe. 

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We focus our investments on the communities where we operate. It reflects our shared commitment to sustainability. 

At Alcoa, sustainability is an integral part of our culture and our core strategy. Alcoa Foundation invests where Alcoa has a presence to further sustainability and to partner with communities in addressing local needs as they adapt to a rapidly changing world.


We believe that as a mining, manufacturing, and innovation company, Alcoa can both contribute to and make a positive difference in sustainability to the benefit of our many stakeholders. All of our funding decisions and engagement priorities are guided by two key themes:

Environment: Drive measurable and systematic improvements in environmental sustainability through innovative solutions that incorporate the next generation of products, practices and systems.

Education: Support STEM education and workforce training initiatives to help build the advanced technology workforce.


NOTE: All requests for Alcoa Foundation funding must be directed to your local Alcoa office.



How do we collaborate

Collaboration is an important part of how we operate: we make investment decisions in consultation with community stakeholders, based on local conditions and the priorities they identify.


Alcoa Foundation teams with Alcoa locations worldwide to identify:

  • Relief agencies in need, including assistance in helping to identify nonprofit funding options
  • Potential for product donations and in-kind services such as building materials
  • Local employee engagement opportunities
  • Possibilities for enterprise-wide donations by Alcoa


Investment considerations

When considering where to invest, Alcoa Foundation looks for projects and nonprofit partners that:

  • Can produce measurable, long-term results
  • Have the potential to be effectively implemented and ultimately continued without our funding
  • Are replicable and can be shared with other organizations looking to produce similar results
  • Demonstrate commitment to the inclusion of diverse and/or under-represented populations

For more information and to understand the results we seek, please review the Alcoa Foundation Themes. [pdf]


Eligibility criteria


Organizations and programs generally must meet the following basic requirements in order to be considered for Alcoa Foundation funds:

  • Programs or organizations must serve communities where Alcoa has operating plants or offices
  • U.S. organizations must be classified by the United States Internal Revenue Service as not-for-profit public charities and tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code
  • Non-U.S. organizations must operate as the equivalent of a U.S. 501(c)(3) public charity, public educational institution or government entity and must complete the required Equivalency Determination process to certify this status
  • Public educational institutions and government entities may be eligible for funds, provided that the funds are used for charitable purposes
  • Programs must fall within Alcoa Foundation Themes. [pdf]
  • The minimum grant request is USD 15,000



In general, Alcoa Foundation does not consider the following for funding:

  • Individuals
  • For-profit organizations
  • Organizations whose policies or actions are inconsistent with Alcoa’s non-discrimination policy and Alcoa Foundation's Policy of Engagement and Inclusivity.
  • Organizations and programs that intend to influence legislation or elect candidates to public office
  • Sectarian or religious organizations whose services are limited to members of one religious group
  • Religious programs
  • Social clubs or organizations
  • Endowment funds; capital, equipment or development campaigns; or funds directed towards deficit reduction, operating costs/reserves
  • Fundraising events or sponsorships (walk/runs, golf tournaments, sports teams, tickets, tables, benefits, raffles, souvenir programs, advertising, fundraising dinners, etc.)
  • Trips, conferences, seminars, festivals, one-day events, unless they are a part of an approved program activity
  • Documentaries, videos, or research projects/programs
  • Private foundations
  • Trust funds


Reporting guidelines

Recipients of Alcoa Foundation grants in 2010 and beyond are required to submit on-line interim and final grant reports. These reports serve both as a permanent record of the organization’s achievements and a learning tool for Alcoa Foundation. The information provided in these reports will add to our understanding about promising initiatives and practices.


Reports are designed to remind grant partners about the grant results and milestones described in their grant application. The reports then ask the grant partner to report on the progress they have made in reaching those results and milestones. Additionally, grant partners are expected to report – briefly – on whether all grant funds have been expended, and if they have not, by when they are expected to be. Here are examples of the reports currently in use. Report formats can change, so these examples should be used only as a guide.



Recipients of Expenditure Responsibility (ER) grants have previously signed an Expenditure Responsibility Agreement stating that the grant will be monitored for a specific number of years.  Reports must be submitted according to the schedule provided in the original grant commitment letter.  Here are examples of the reports currently in use for ER grants made in or after 2010. Report formats can change, so these examples should be used only as a guide.



E-mail reminders and instructions are sent to the recipient organization at least 30 days prior to the report due date. At that time the grant partner will be able to review the report format they are expected to complete. 

Disaster relief assessment and grant amounts

Alcoa Foundation and the 60,000 Alcoa employees around the globe are passionate about helping our communities and neighbors in times of need. In the unfortunate case of a disaster near an Alcoa facility, Alcoa Foundation consults with Alcoa locations to determine the magnitude of the disaster and calculates the grant amount based on a formal assessment.


Our guiding principles:

  • Prepared – Anticipate needs, connect with locations and establish relationships with disaster relief nonprofits and agencies that can provide information
  • Effective – Provide financial assistance, volunteer time, and offer in-kind product to the nonprofit organization that can deliver the right level of service quickly.
  • Diligent – Vet nonprofit partners to ensure compliance with all applicable laws.


To determine the Foundation’s level of support, we will consider the following:

  • Area Affected – How large is the affected area?
  • Required Assistance – What organized relief is needed?
  • Time Period for Assistance – How much time do we have to provide relief? How long will it take to reach those in need?
  • Impact on Alcoa Employees – How are Alcoa employees affected?
  • Impact on Victims – How are victims impacted? How many?
  • Impact on Business – How affected are Alcoa operations?
  • Precedence – What support has been committed to disasters in the past?


Resources and documents

Detailed information on these documents is provided above.


Alcoa Foundation Themes [pdf]


Sample reports for grants awarded in or after 2010 (reports must be completed and submitted using our on-line system; reports submitted in any other format or via email will not be accepted).

Standard Report Templates

Direct Service Interim Progress Report [pdf]
Direct Service Final Grant Report [pdf]
Capacity Building Interim Progress Report [pdf]
Capacity Building Final Grant Report [pdf]

Report templates for grants awarded under an Expenditure Responsibility Agreement

Direct Service Interim Progress Report for ER Grant [pdf]

Direct Service Final Grant Report for ER Grant [pdf]

Capacity Building Interim Progress Report for ER Grant [pdf]

Capacity Building Final Grant Report for ER Grant [pdf]