Alcoa Foundation Grant Program

Inclusivity Agreement

Read the Inclusivity Agreement which is included in the Alcoa Foundation grant application and which all grant partners are required to sign.

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Alcoa Foundation invests where Alcoa has a presence to further sustainability and to partner with communities to address local needs, particularly as they adapt in a changing world economy.  Alcoa Foundation makes investment decisions in consultation with community stakeholders based on the local conditions and priorities they identify.

In determining where to invest, Alcoa Foundation looks for projects and nonprofit partners with the following characteristics:

  • Projects designed to produce measurable, long-term results
  • Projects that can be effectively implemented and ultimately continued without our funding
  • Projects that are replicable and can be shared with other organizations looking to produce similar results
  • Projects that demonstrate their commitment to the inclusion of diverse and/or under-represented populations

In our investments, Alcoa Foundation reviews each proposal with respect to available dollars and responses to three questions:

  • What will be the result from this proposed grant and how will we know it has been achieved? Results are the positive changes in behavior or condition for community members as a result of the grant project.
  • How likely is it that the results can be achieved? Our focus is on such factors as past success of the partner and its programs, validity of the proposed program approach, organizational capability and key personnel leading the project.
  • Is this the best possible use of Alcoa Foundation funds given other opportunities before us? We consider the cost relative to the gain while looking to create a local significant impact

Areas of Focus

At Alcoa, sustainability is an integral part of our culture and our core strategy. Alcoa Foundation invests where Alcoa has a presence to further sustainability and to partner with communities in addressing local needs as they adapt to a rapidly changing world. We believe that as a mining and metals company, Alcoa Foundation can make a positive difference in sustainability to the benefit of our many stakeholders. To that end, the Foundation supports organizations that are dedicated to 1) promoting the prevention of and resilience to climate change and 2) the restoration and preservation of biodiversity.

Alcoa Foundation makes Direct Service investments in its priority focus areas.  Direct Service investments are those which create positive gains for individual participants, communities or organizations. Projects typically include programs and efforts that work directly with individual participants to achieve a specific change in condition or behavior.

Capacity Building and Systems Change investments will be considered on a case-by-case basis when appropriate.