Partnerships & Programs

Investment Approach

Alcoa Foundation selects nonprofit partnerships based on funding priorities and local needs. Grant applications are by invitation only. We are not accepting Letters of Inquiry at this time. Unfortunately, the Foundation cannot respond to unsolicited proposals that it may receive.

When considering where to invest, Alcoa Foundation seeks grant projects that:

  • address an identified need in an Alcoa community that fit within our key focus areas;
  • are based in an Alcoa community (Alcoa locations);
  • are outcome focused and deliver measurable results;
  • can be sustained over time without ongoing Alcoa Foundation funding;
  • demonstrate commitment to the inclusions of diverse and underserved populations.

Alcoa Foundation also prioritizes partners that can engage Alcoa employees in volunteering opportunities and can effectively communicate the impact of our work together.

Funding Priorities

Alcoa Foundation has two main grant programs to achieve its charitable objectives, with each receiving approximately 50% of the annual grant budget: Signature Programs and Location Programs.


Signature programs are developed centrally by the Alcoa Foundation team; grants are based on the following program guidelines to strategically develop partnerships and programs that contribute to our key focus areas:

Alcoa Foundation contributes to the UN Sustainability Development Goals through its charitable objectives.


Each operating Alcoa Corporation facility works closely with Alcoa Foundation staff to develop localized giving strategies to address specific community needs and interests – some of which may not be reflected in our global approach - to recognize the unique challenges posed in different markets. Grants awarded at this level must fall in one of the following areas:

Environment | Education & Workforce Development

Alcoa Foundation also maintains a separate, limited grant budget designed to aid in the event of a humanitarian crisis or natural disaster.