September 11, 2019

Snow, Small Mammals, and Freezing Cold

By Manuela Guisasola

Today, September 10th, we are having the worst weather since the beginning of our Earthwatch expedition. Despite the cold and the snow, our time working in the field was as interesting as the other days (although, I enjoy the sunny days more!!!). It was snowing while we were revisiting the small mammals traps and we found some with small mammals inside! We proceeded to weigh them and put the tags on their ear (some of them were recaptures).

The snow falling down made the time in the field hard for me because my feet and my hands were so cold and my fingers turned white and felt numb. 

Once back at the hotel and after a “boiling” shower, everything was OK for the rest of the day.  Tomorrow I hope that the sun appears again! 

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