September 13, 2019

Day 5: The Expedition Draws to a Close

By Stefán Arason

Hello everyone, my name is Stefán and I am from Alcoa Fjarðaál in Iceland.

The last day already! Can not believe how time has flown on this expedition! It feels like we just got here.

This has been the trip of a lifetime for me.

Everybody here is so nice and friendly – the scientists and all of my fellow Alcoans!

The day started early, 6:45 a.m. and down for breakfast as usual, then we drove to the small mammal traps and measured the captured animals. We even met the Harry Houdini of mice, who somehow managed to escape the trap!

After that we drove to site number 12, which is in Sarteny National Park, and after a little walk, we split up into 3 teams. The teams went to measure tree growth, clean nest boxes, band birds, conduct insect sampling, monitor soil decomposition, check camera traps, and clean more nest boxes.

Then we headed back to the hotel for the Alcoa workshops, which were extra exiting today because we had a presentation about sustainability at Alcoa from Rosa M. García Piñeiro, Vice-president of Alcoa Sustainability and President of the Alcoa Foundation. It was very enlightening and very exciting to hear how much Alcoa is doing for the environment, and it was very encouraging and new for me because I didn't know that much about the sustainability department at Alcoa.

In all, it was a very nice day, as all the days are here! I cannot recommend this Earthwatch expedition more to other Alcoa employees! Amazing trip, stunning views, and everybody here is so super nice! Loved this expedition and I am so sad that it is coming to an end!


Pic 1. Caption= Group photo on the last day


Pic 2. Caption= listening to the presentation about sustainability from Rosa M. Garcia Piñeiro


Pic 3. Caption= Me, enjoying the spectacular view


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