September 12, 2019

Day 4: Connecting and Sharing on Sustainability

By Iraê Camilo Silva

We're almost at the end of this amazing expedition in Andorra!

I spent around 26 hours traveling in order to arrive here, with many confusions at the airport. When I finally arrived, it was like I arrived home. To be part of this team, and to be the only one from Brazil, has been a great experience, sharing with people that come from different parts of the world with one objective in common, studying the effects of climate change.

In the following days, we learned about the importance of the science of this project – how to measure to get a good result for understanding the impact in this region. And you might be asking yourself, 'how did we do it?' 

First of all, we had workshops that gave us an overview of the activities we would be conducting in the field, where we would help collect data of birds, small mammals, tree growth, and decomposition of organic material in high altitudes.

Besides the research, we worked on our sustainable projects based on Alcoa's sustainability mission for our plants. Sharing ideas amongst the team was helpful in opening our minds in how to implement, measure, and understand why this work is important. 

Those moments were as important as the data collection in the field, this connection was fundamental to understanding the interaction of humans and nature.

I’m really thankful to be part of this team of Sustainability Fellows and I'm excited to share my experience with my colleagues in Brazil when I return!



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