September 21, 2018

LAST DAY - September 21, 2018

Blog entry by: Larissza Keresztes


Keeping the schedule at breakfast at 6.45 a.m. Could be the same as the past 6 days, but it is different as it is the last one with the amazing team of 8 Earthwatch/Alcoan fellows (and of course with the amazing staff). I can’t believe time flies that fast. It was almost yesterday we arrived in the breathtaking Andorran Pyrenees, excited and ready for our expedition aiming to help the researchers to study the effects of climate change on the wildlife. We all came from different parts of the world, but what unites us all is the awareness of our world and the commitment to sustainability.

Days passed away in the same way we had breakfast together, headed to the vans fully packed with the research stuff, and dressed in our lovely hiking outfit carrying huge bags. Each day, we had similar tasks to perform starting on low elevation, such as checking the small mammal traps. Then, we put up our bags and hiked up to the mountains, continuing the collection of research materials on high elevation. I was surprised that the effect of climate change can be perceived in such small phenomenon as some species change their habitat and move higher on the mountain, which effects the species already living there. Who would have thought that these kinds of movements could lead to bigger issues such as extinctions of species?

In the afternoons, after we returned from the field, we had sessions held by Caroline, a program manager from Earthwatch who was helping us to work on our projects. She helped us define our project goals, break them down into action steps and measuring points, and build a timeframe, which we will implement in our locations/offices after going home – bringing Alcoa closer to one of its goal to be a sustainable company. Bernat, one of the researchers, gave us insights regarding the research and explanations on each activity we helped with. For example, capturing and tagging small mammals helps to track the population season by season.

As we are sitting here at the table and eating our breakfast, I see the light in my fellow Alcoans’ eyes, the determination and excitement of willingness to bring back home all the inspiration and enthusiasm we’ve gained during our time here in the field. It turned out we all have different approaches to sustainability, but I deeply believe this diversity makes us an outstanding community across the globe.


Our amazing team of 8 Alcoans.


Picture of the researchers


Work with digital dendrometer – measuring the growth of trees



Insects inside the trap


Recording measurement data of trees in 10m-radius of the insect trap

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