September 18, 2018

Day 4: September 18, 2018

Paul Dwyer, Western Australia

What I hoped to get out of the Earthwatch expedition is to confirm my passion for sustainability issues and promoting community resilience. I have the belief and values, but I lack the experience and knowledge to make a difference.

The most exciting thing I have learned is that one person can make a difference, and collaboration with other stakeholders can achieve even greater success in sustainability action. This experience has definitely had an impact on all participants. The interaction from Alcoans across international locations has highlighted common issues and sharing of potential resolutions. This collaborative environment has provided a supportive forum to share ideas.

I have learned that these sustainability tools can be applied in my workplace, community and home. I plan to promote changes in each towards a sustainable and positive future. I am most excited to share and apply my expedition experiences, my newfound enthusiasm and optimism, across all aspects of my life. I have more confidence to actively promote sustainable ideas, with this practical experience and informed knowledge.

In conclusion, I have the utmost respect for the Earthwatch team. They have inspired and supported me throughout my journey. Their research is truly remarkable, and they conduct themselves with great professionalism and enthusiasm. I am grateful to Alcoa Foundation for the fellowship opportunity, and I look forward to contributing to Alcoa's sustainable activities.

Day 4_1

Photo# 1 We caught birds in the mist net and banded them under the shade of a tree.

Day 4_1

Photo# 2 A banded bird ready for release.

Day 4_1

Photo #3 Saerun Kristindottir and I taking samples of the bird droppings to analyze to determine diet and health of the bird.

Day 4_1

Photo #4 We hiked up the mountainside to arrive at our research site.

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