September 15, 2018

Day 1, September 15, 2018

It was exciting to finally meet with my fellow Alcoa travelers and the group of scientists and Earthwatch members who will be guiding our merry band. Although it was a cloudy day, the scenery on the bus ride to Andorra was spectacular and I look forward to learning more about the biodiversity of this unique region. Due to a bicycle race going on in Andorra today, we caught a later bus than usual, so we weren’t able to cover as much training on the specifics of what we will be researching this week. We will go through that first thing it in the morning before heading to the field.  In good Alcoa form, we received a safety briefing so that we are prepared in case anything goes awry.  I think that we’re all ready and eager to get our hands dirty with the research.

We had an interesting discussion over dinner about the impacts of climate change on vineyards and how they are having to be moved to more northern areas because the historic locations are becoming too hot and arid. Will there have to be vineyards in Alaska someday? Hopefully what we’re working on can help minimize that risk.

Donna Herum

Alcoa Warrick Operations

Team at bus station

Photo #1 – Here is the team waiting for the bus, which was late, but rewarded us with a beautiful drive into the mountains.

View from Bus
View from Bus

Photo #2 and #3 – The view when entering Andorra.


Photo #4 – Donna Herum, Paulo Eduardo Belato and team are trained by lead scientist, Bernat Claramunt

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