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What is an Alcoa Subsidiary Brand Employee Value Proposition (EVP) SustanaTM

What is an Alcoa Subsidiary Brand

Communications to specific targeted demographics can lead to messaging and visuals that need to differentiate from the defined Alcoa brand and guidelines to effectively create an impact with those audiences. This is an Alcoa Subsidiary Brand.

Alcoa Subbrands are an extension of the primary Alcoa brand that could have a unique name, identity (including fonts, colors, etc.), messaging, and communications. Additionally, a subbrand could utilize defined styles or palettes of the Alcoa corporate brand guide but feature different aspects of it. They are developed for specific audiences or products and provide another connection point to gain exposure, change expectations, and to build trust in Alcoa that may not have been achieved through the primary brand’s tactics and methods. Additionally, the subbrand does so without diluting the values, vision, and purpose of the primary Alcoa brand.

Examples of an Alcoa Subbrand include:

The creation of a subsidiary brand is not permitted without contacting the Alcoa Communications Team for approval at

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

At Alcoa, we turn ideas into innovation. Impossibility into impact. What if, into what is. We are unlocking the value inside our people and processes to change the industry and shape the world we live in. Our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is just one piece of our story, pushing us toward achieving our purpose – to Turn Raw Potential into Real Progress.

Our EVP was driven by research, as well as insight from our current employees, in order to authentically capture what we offer our employees. Our EVP delivers on aspects of our current culture and is also infused with elements that we feel are achievable yet aspirational. Our EVP is the backbone of our employee experience, informing and inspiring current and prospective Alcoans across every step of their journey.

Our EVP is the creative expression of who we are as an employer and the value we offer to employees to shape their work, their communities, and their world. Our EVP allows us to shape all of them for the better.

Shape your world.

Alcoa Subsidiary Brand:
Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) uses some of the same elements of the Alcoa brand but emphasizes different aspects, including colors and a version of the Alcoa Angles, including incorporating the rhombus in the design.

This theme variation is intended for external recruitment of prospective employees and for specific internal communications that focuses on our employee experience as Alcoans.

Our starting point for expressing the "Shape Your World" design began with the unique shape of our Alcoa logo.

The outlines are well defined, but they are not there to box people in.

They are the lines that our employees connect, fill in, and even extend to the shapes around them as we turn raw potential into real progress.

Theme Variation

The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) utilizes the same elements of the Alcoa brand but emphasizes different aspects including colors and the Alcoa Angles. This theme variation of the Alcoa brand is only permissible in this format for Employee Value Proposition tactics and communications.


While the Alcoa Blue on a white background is used, the primary color of the Shape Your World EVP is the Alcoa secondary color Navy PMS 2965. Other tertiary colors are incorporated as well to focus on the formation of shapes.

Alcoa Angles

The Alcoa Angles are a primary element of the campaign. They are treated as a primary focal point to enhance messaging regarding team members connecting and shaping the world around them.

Intersecting Lines

Dotted lines in the design, which connect to the angles, are meant to reflect an employee’s career path with Alcoa.


Alcoa employees help shape our work, our world, and our communities for the better, and this design reflects the work we do to “shape” - an active verb. The word “shape” as a noun is also reflected in the geometry that is included in the] EVP design.


Images within the Alcoa Angles for the EVP could include products, plants, locations, and team members.


The Shape Your World campaign will include the standard Alcoa font (see font section.)


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