Sustaining Our Communities


In 2013, Alcoa and Alcoa Foundation invested US$5.4 million (€4.1 million) in the European communities in which we operate. The grants focused on supporting education, the environment, and community enhancement.


Here are some examples of these investments by country.



Various programs were aimed at improving the technical skills of young people. A project with an engineering school focused on developing good renovation practices and improving the energy efficiency of buildings.


Robotics Participants

Participants in the robotics program show off their creation.


A robotics program for schoolchildren enabled a hands-on approach for teaching science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) in two Alcoa locations.



Several projects helped improve local parks to provide the community with a more liveable and healthy environment. Two other programs at local high schools in Székesfehérvár focused on job readiness.





A three-year STEM program with the local community in Fjardabyggd was designed to help increase the number of students in technical schools.



An educational program involving several high schools and eight public events in local town squares helped instill a culture of safety among younger generations. 



Training on assessing sustainable buildings expanded from just elementary school students to high school students. The students are trained to use a comprehensive checklist to evaluate the sustainable footprint of their schools, public buildings, and homes.


Students Learn Static Electricity

Students learn about static electricity in a science summer school in Norway.


Numerous activities throughout the entire educational system focused on STEM skills training and engagement. These included conducting science summer schools for fifth to seventh graders in Farsund, establishing an engineering educational program in the Mosjøen area, and improving the overall quality of STEM teaching in local middle schools and high schools.


Alcoa Foundation’s Technical Education Program is designed to attract and retain technical talent by supporting top students and young faculty at three partner universities and two colleges through scholarships, faculty development stipends, and equipment.



Eight education projects focused on workforce development, improvement of professional training, promotion of entrepreneurship, and re-qualification of long-term unemployed people.  


United Kingdom

Support was provided for various STEM projects in local schools, as well as the development of a sustainable teaching area at one school.


Jan-Werner Hansen Answers Sustainability Questions

Jan-Werner Hansen, plant manager of the Alcoa Lista Smelter in Norway, answers sustainability questions during the community’s annual Beach Mile Nature Walk.

In addition to these country-specific investments, Alcoa Europe is supporting research on the value of a sustainable environmental and social footprint that is being conducted by St. Gallen University (one of Europe’s top business universities, based in Switzerland). In addition, the region supported a crowd-sourcing ideation platform developed by École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (one of Europe’s top-ranked research universities, based in Switzerland) to bring together challenges and ideas from scientists, industrial partners, students, and startups. Alcoa Europe also continued cooperating with the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium, on a three-year program that will contribute to the understanding of energy challenges and the development of sustainable energy policies in Europe.


In 2013, our European employees volunteered 222,961 hours in their local communities through Alcoa’s Month of Service, ACTION, Bravo!, and Alcoans in Motion employee engagement programs. These efforts earned US$1.7 million (€1.3 million) for non-governmental organizations, nonprofits, and associations.


In December 2013, employees in our Madrid, Spain, office received the Volunteering Award from the Association of Parents of Children with Cancer (ASION) for the support they provided through the years via the ACTION program.


Community Investments
Millions of U.S. dollars
Includes Alcoa and Alcoa Foundation grants.


Employee Volunteer Hours