Our People


Our 17,000 employees are the key drivers in the success of our European operations.


Operator Inspecting Work at Alcoa Lista Smelter

An operator inspects work in the rodding facility at the Alcoa Lista Smelter in Norway.

In 2013, we focused our people efforts on two strategic objectives—continuous development of our employees and our organization.


We continued to deploy the Supervisory Excellence Program to equip all of our managers with the leadership skills they need to successfully motivate and engage our workforce and execute our aggressive business programs. We also increased our efforts in identifying, developing, and retaining top talent to ensure our operational facilities and supporting organizations possess the best possible leadership to navigate our businesses through turbulent market conditions.


A key indicator of our people success is the annual Alcoa Global Voices Survey, which measures the engagement of our employees. A highlight in 2013 was a nine percentage point increase in our Russian operations.


The Alcoa Power and Propulsion (APP) plant in Exeter, United Kingdom, was awarded the People Management Award from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development in 2013 for its “pragmatic, thoughtful, and holistic approach to cultural and behavioral change.” This was the first year that APP entered the awards, and the location was selected for the top honor from among 400 companies. Achievements included improved engagement, considerably decreased absenteeism, and a declining injury rate—all while increasing sales revenue by 50%.