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The business benefits of aluminium for commercial vehicles are indisputable: weight savings that allow substantially higher payloads and fuel effiency,ease of working and repair, durability, superior corrosion resistance and minimal maintenance.

To bring these operational advantages to the highly-abrasive work environment of tipper trailers, Alcoa has perfected an ultra-rugged shate material of exceptional surface hardness and abrasion resistance: Endur-Al.

Endur-Al is an advanced 5456 alloy in H34 temper. The 5456 alloy composition was originally developed to withstand the extreme rigours of maritime applications. Drawing on our vast experience of freight transport applications, exhaustive testing in the lab and in the field proved its performance characteristics to be uniquely suited to tipper trailer sides and floors:
  • Extreme surface hardness
  • Outstanding resistance to abrasion
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Superior workability

Harder surface = less wear + longer life
Whatever the cargo, Endur-Al's exceptionally hard surface resists abrasive wear like no other comparable alloy. As well as reducing the need for ongoing repair, this gives Endur-Al tipper trailers a considerably longer working life than is possible with conventional materials.

Less weight = bigger payloads + lower operating costs
Tipper trailer designs optimised for aluminium normally weigh between 20 and 30% less than steel bodies of equivalent strength, stiffness and durability. With the high density loads normally carried, this dramatic reduction in dead weight not only increases payloads by about 1 tonne for the average trailer box, but also improves fuel efficiency when empty. For the operator, this means significantly more revenue for each delivery and/or cost savings that can allow more competitive rates.

Corrosion resistance = longer life + less maintenace
Using Alcoa's market-leading experience of optimising the natural corrosion resistance of flat rolled aluminium alloys, the alloy composition of 5456 was originally formulated to withstand extremely hostile marine and off-shore environments. In tipper trailer applications, these characteristics ensure a significantly longer service life - and with no protective surface coating needed, cleaning is easy and the maintenance requirement is minimal compared to steel.

In addition to the environmental benefits of sidestepping the painting process, the attractively bright, clean appearance of unpainted aluminium enhances the operator's brand image - and as many can confirm, drivers take more care of vehicles that they're proud to drive.

How much should you be saving with ENDUR-AL™?

Alcoa eVALUATOR for Endur-Al™ from Alcoa GCTI can calculate your ROI

If you have any doubt using ENDUR-AL™ eVALUATOR, please read the User Guide.

For more technical details please refer to the new Endur-Al brochure:
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