Massena Smelter

Located in New York along the St. Lawrence River, Massena Operations is the longest continually operating aluminum facility in the world. The Pittsburgh Reduction Company (Alcoa’s forerunner) came to Massena In 1902 to take advantage of an abundant hydroelectric energy supply.       
Today, Alcoa operates the Massena West plant, an integrated aluminum smelting/ fabricating facility. The West plant produces 800,000 pounds of molten aluminum daily. Electrical power is purchased though a long-term contract with the New York Power Authority.

Start-up: 1902
Production: molten metal, sow, rod, billet, cold finished and extruded rod and bar

Number of employees: 700

Production capacity: 800,000 pounds/ day of molten aluminum

Certifications: ISO 9002, ISO 14001, ISO 9001.2000, TS-9000 and QS-9000

Economic spin-offs: $132.3 million invested in salaries, pensions, health care payments, and state and local taxes.  An additional $183 million is spent in the United States, including $24 million in local goods and services.



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