Aluminum from Massena Operations is found in everything from automotive and aerospace to zippers. Our metal supplies the construction, electronics, packaging, and transportation industries. It is used to make rivets, fasteners, fencing, sporting goods, valves, pistons, and screening. Through the years we have supplied defense and military markets. Aluminum from Massena went to the moon with the first lunar module, and it has explored space in the Hubble Telescope.


Today our metal is making news as the material of choice for components used in the manufacture of lightweight, aluminum intensive automobiles. It is the goal of Massena Alcoans to continuously improve our process, strategically grow our product lines, and remain an industry leader through innovation, technological enhancement and on-going investment. Massena Operations is a QS9000 and ISO 9002 Manufacturing Quality Certified Supplier.


Primary Aluminum available from Massena West 
  • Billet
  • Sow -- Pure
  • Rod