As we move forward, we will have information available here to direct contractors who have an interest in bidding on some Project items. 


Based on the current Project construction schedule for the next phase, we will be engaging in specific sub-projects through 2015 and at this time will not be soliciting bids related to the construction of the potline or the building that will house it. We will have specific needs which will be outlined here at the appropriate time, along with information for prospective suppliers as applicable.


Please note, as part of refining the total Project cost estimate Alcoa requested some budgetary quotes for major Project items, primarily from specialized contractors. In addition, a small number of northern New York contractors specializing in certain areas were contacted to assess their capabilities and resources.


All suppliers and contractors who may eventually be retained for the Project will go through a pre-qualification process and a formal bidding process, which will take place at a later stage. This section will be updated as we progress through the Project execution stages.


When the time for general construction bids draws closer, Alcoa and its eventual construction management firm will hold public meetings for contractors to discuss pre-qualification requirements and the bidding process. Notice of that meeting will be posted on this website and through other public venues so that interested contractors may have the opportunity to attend.