Alcoa Massena Operations 


Massena Operations is the longest continually operating aluminum facility in the world. The Pittsburgh Reduction Company (Alcoa’s forerunner) came to Massena in 1902 to take advantage of an abundant hydroelectric energy supply.


Today, Alcoa operates an integrated aluminum smelting/fabricating facility in Massena known as Massena West. The smelter at Massena East, the former Reynolds Metals St. Lawrence Reduction Plant, was permanently shut down in March 2014. Electrical power is purchased through a long-term contract with the New York Power Authority.

In the Massena West plant, 198 pre-bake cells comprise one of the largest and most automated smelting potlines in the industry. Here, 800,000 pounds of molten aluminum produced daily.


The three potlines at Massena East were closed as of March 2014, and the 500 Soderberg pots at that location were decommissioned.
Ingot–Molten aluminum from Massena’s West Smelting Plant is mixed with alloying elements and cast into round ingot in Massena’s Ingot Plant. About 60 different alloys are produced for further fabrication into extruded and cold finished rod and bar, and for forging into car and truck wheels at Alcoa’s Cleveland Works.
The Ingot Plant houses a continuous rod casting and rolling facility. This state-of-the-art production unit takes molten aluminum and, in one continuous process, produces coiled rod ready for customer shipment.
Extrusion–Our three extrusion presses force round ingot through dies at elevated temperatures and pressure to produce solid starting stock shapes and sizes for customer shipment or further fabrication into cold finished rod and bar.
Fabricating–Extruded products are further finished through thermo-mechanical processing to obtain smaller diameter cold finished rod and bar, and screw machine stock.
The Extrusion and Fabricating processes are part of Alcoa’s Engineered Products and Solutions Business Unit (Alcoa Forgings and Extrusions). Aluminum from Massena Operations is found in everything from automotive and aerospace applications to zippers. We supply customers in the construction, electronics, packaging and transportation industries, shipping millions of pounds of starting stock every month. Alcoa Forgings and Extrusions in Massena has also earned ISO 9002 and QS-9000 quality certification.
Massena Operations employs approximately 700 people.

Economic Impact
Active payroll is approximately $100 million annually, and our retiree payroll exceeds $25 million each year. Additionally, Massena Operations purchases $36 million locally, makes health care payment totaling nearly $20 million, and pays $2 million in State and local taxes annually.

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Massena West