Dec. 13, 2012


Minority Youth Day provides students with a “can-do” spirit


The Support and Development Association (SDA) at Alcoa Warrick Operations recently hosted its 5th annual Minority Youth Day, bringing nearly 30 middle-school students to the plant.


The organization provides assistance to racial minorities, helping them advance and develop in their careers with Alcoa.


 “The event has a great impact on the kids,” said Rachel Mayes, the Controller for Alcoa Global Packaging at Warrick and the President of SDA.

“Since 2008, we have hosted 150 students through this program. Today, those students are either juniors or seniors – working on curricula that prepare them for college or vocational training.”


The event, involving 7th and 8th graders, provided potential mentors to the students as they make important decisions regarding higher education and future careers. 


After the event, the students received a survey to gain feedback. Their comments:

  • Attending the event made me more motivated to attend college.
  • Prior to this, I did not know what to be when I grew up.  Now, I am going for Accounting.
  • This program influenced my career choices - I want to attend a nursing program at the tech school in my senior year.
  • Making aluminum is more exciting than I ever thought, and I am considering a major in Engineering.
  • I thought I wanted to be a doctor, but now I am thinking about engineering.
Youth Day

Warrick Electrical Engineers Krishna Khadka (far right) and Mark Ford (second from right), talk with students about engineering opportunities during Warrick’s 5th Annual Minority Youth Day