Oct. 28, 2012 


Alcoa Warrick Operations hosts local high school students for a water-quality workshop


High school students from two Warrick County high schools -- Boonville and Tecumseh -- visited Warrick Operations for the plant’s first “water-quality workshop” in October.


This pilot program was another outreach to the local school system, and the plant's leaders are planning to expand the program for more students in 2013.


The school corporation selected the students; about 40 attended. Each student had an interest in chemistry and science, subjects certainly applicable to the various processes required to protect and improve water quality.


During the day-long workshop, the students and their teachers learned about the various methods that water is used at Alcoa Warrick Operations.


The workshop also included hands-on experimentation and simulation of water-treatment processes, including microscopic analysis.


Located on the Ohio River, Alcoa Warrick Operations received recognition for the installation of wet-flue gas desulphrization at the Warrick Power Plant. That project has helped create environmental improvements, and it did not require any additional water from the Ohio River or from an acquifer.


The so-called scrubbers require a significant amount of water to operate. However, Alcoa designed the system to utilize the on-site process water, recycling the water already being used at the facility.


Students learned about that process and others during a tour of the aluminum complex.

Water Quality

Students tour an area of Warrick Operations that processes some of the water used in the production process.