Alcoa Warrick Operations named an “Energy Patriot” by U.S. Senator Richard Lugar


NEWBURGH, Ind. -- For the work that Alcoa employees did in educating students in our community about energy conservation, U.S. Sen. Richard Lugar has named Warrick Operations a winner of the “Lugar Energy Patriot” award.


The veteran senator said he is pleased with the “initiative and leadership” that employees at Warrick Operations have demonstrated.


“We name Lugar Energy Patriots as a way to recognize outstanding Hoosiers who have demonstrated leadership and initiative in taking concrete action to improve America’s energy security,” Sen. Lugar said.

This year, Alcoa Warrick Operations and its employees joined forces with the Pew Center’s for Climate and Energy Solutions (C2ES) to conduct workshops about how employees could reduce their individual carbon footprint and be more energy efficient.


Employees used a Carbon Calculator to determine just how much energy they were consuming and in what areas they could cut back their energy usage at home. The online carbon reduction calculator is located at www.alcoa.com/makeanimpact

This material was then shared with students in the Warrick County school system, who participated in a challenge with other schools across the country. 

“We are very pleased to receive this significant recognition from the Senator for this outreach activity,” said Ed Hemmersbach, the Location Manager for Alcoa’s packaging division at Warrick Operations.


“At Alcoa, we believe in partnering with various organizations to build sustainable communities, and this program was one more tool we could use to help in that goal.”

Warrick Operations is one of the largest integrated aluminum complexes in the world – with power generation, aluminum smelting, casting, rolling and fabricating facilities at one site just east of Newburgh.


In addition to Warrick Operations, Lugar also named Alcoa’s facility in LaPorte, Ind., as a recipient of the same award.

Through the Lugar Energy Patriot, Senator Lugar profiles a student, professional, scholar, or member of the business community who has taken concrete action to improve America’s energy security.

Students in Warrick County took the information they learned from Alcoa’s volunteers into their homes and neighborhoods to educate their families and friends about the importance of energy conservation and sustainability.  The school that recorded the most completed Carbon Calculator forms would win the competition.

On Earth Day 2011, the winners were announced. Castle North Middle School and Castle South Middle School, both in Warrick County, were in the top third of all competing schools, winning cash prizes from the Alcoa Foundation. This same material from the Pew Center was shared with hundreds of people at various community groups in Southwestern Indiana, including the Evansville Earth Day event at Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden.


Additional information is available at: www.lugar.senate.gov/energy/links/patriot


The full news release from U.S. Sen. Lugar is available at www.lugar.senate.gov