Alcoa Chairman & CEO visits Warrick Operations

Alain Belda, Alcoa Chairman and CEO, visited Warrick Operations on Thursday, March 22nd. He toured the facilities, talked with employees and provided feedback for the local leadership. He also spent time with a reporter from the Evansville Courier and Press allowing him to share his commitment to reducing greenhouse gases across the company.

Belda's last visit to the plant was two years ago, and he was pleased with the improvements that continue to be made. "Employees understand the challenges of the business and know best how the machines run. It is vital to get their minds engaged in the work they are doing and to solicit their ideas for improving," Belda said.

He expressed confidence in the location leadership, and was happy to see the progress being made on the installation of the lithographic sheet line. This $45 million investment will allow Alcoa to be a leader in the production of litho sheet - aluminum sheet used in the printing process. The installation is on time with the line expected to be operational in August. He also commented on the support from the community that has helped to make the plant successful, including economic development incentives such as tax phase-in on new equipment.

Belda also discussed Alcoa's commitment to reducing greenhouse gases. Alcoa is a founding member of the US Climate Action Partnership, a group that has called on the United States to quickly enact national legislation to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. Belda told the Courier & Press, "the US needs to take a leadership role in reducing greenhouse gases that have been linked to global warming." Alcoa has reduced global Carbon Dioxide emissions by 25% since 1990 and is committed to going further.

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Warrick Smelter Honored with Stability Award

In the world of smelting aluminum, stability is the name of the game. Keeping a pot line stable ensures greater employee safety, increased production, decreased emissions, and long-term durability of the operations. Stability is the basis for successful deployment of the Alcoa Business System, a tool for driving waste out of production systems. At a gathering of worldwide Alcoa primary metals leaders in March, the Warrick smelter team was recognized for running the "Most Stable Plant" in the Alcoa system.

Bernt Reitan, Alcoa Executive Vice President and President Alcoa Global Primary Production, and Alan Cransberg, President Alcoa Global Primary Manufacturing, brought their "lead team" of more than 60 leaders from plants around the world to Warrick Operations the week of March 19th. The group gathers once each year in a location that is running well to review performance and share best practices.

Reitan chose Warrick as the gathering location this year, so that the entire team could see the positive work being done at the smelter and also to tour the nearby Toyota plant. Warrick is a unique location with power production, a smelter and rolling facilities all in one place. Both plants offered much to learn regarding excellence in manufacturing.

Warrick is Alcoa's largest smelter in the US and is 47 years old. Reitan told the Courier and Press, "Considering the age of the smelter, it's really one of our best-operating smelters. The smelter has good location to Alcoa's markets."

Both Reitan and Cransberg agreed that Alcoa's confidence in this plant is demonstrated by the $400+ Million being invested at the Warrick Power Plant to reduce emissions. The installation of scrubbers on the power plant units will drastically reduce Alcoa's local environmental footprint and will take emissions well below anything required by regulations.

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Strong Hiring Levels Continue in 2007

If you know someone looking for a job, Alcoa is hiring! Warrick Operations added more than 250 people to the payroll in 2006 in positions across the spectrum from hourly production to engineers to electricians and staff positions. Current retirement trends and the creation of more than 40 new production positions indicate that more than 175 will need to be hired in 2007. Alcoa uses an online system for employee recruitment. Anyone interested in seeing what jobs are available and applying for those positions can do so at:

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Coloring Your Aluminum World

Have you noticed more color on the tops of your aluminum cans? If so, you're joined by thousands of consumers who are attracted to the colored "tabs" beverage companies are now using to differentiate their products from the hundreds of others on the shelf. You can find "colored tabstock" from Alcoa Warrick Operations on a variety of energy drinks like Monster, Rockstar, Red Bull, Full Throttle, and Tilt in addition to Corona and Tecate cans.

Many beverage companies use the colored tabs for short marketing promotions or to provide permanent distinction for their products. These include canned soft drink companies, breweries and especially energy drink companies. You can also find the colored tabs on some food cans.

While the product is not yet a "major product" for Warrick, most industry watchers believe colored tabstock will continue to be used by beverage companies for graphic appeal and product differentiation. It can provide an easy way to distinguish products and segments, for example, energy drinks from traditional carbonated soft drink products. Colored tabstock has become popular because of its relatively low cost and the ability to get new colors on the shelf quickly.

As this market application continues to grow, Warrick Operations will have opportunities to improve the efficiency of the production path and further differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

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"Canned" Excuse Engine

Are you in need of a "canned" excuse to free you from responsibilities on Opening Day? If you're a true baseball fan looking for just the right excuse, the Aluminum Can Council has just the site for you. Head to to find a fool-proof explanation for getting you to the ballpark...or anywhere else for that reason! While you're there, post your best excuse and learn sports-related fun facts like: Lining the entire 2.66 mile track at Talladega Speedway would require 33,707.52 aluminum cans! Be sure to go back to the site after April 1st to report how you celebrate Opening Day by stocking up, chilling down and recycling your favorite canned beverages! One lucky can fan will win a flat screen HDTV and a 21-case salute (21 cases of their favorite non-alcoholic canned beverage) to keep the party in full swing all season long!

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Alcoa Safety School Trains Hundreds

Alcoa's Safety School attracted hundreds to the annual day-long event on Tuesday, March 20th at The Centre in downtown Evansville to learn more about occupational safety issues such as ergonomics, electrical safety, and hand and finger injuries. More than 400 participants attended the event hosted by the Alcoa Warrick Operations Plant Safety and Health Steering Committee. Participants included hourly and salaried employees from Warrick Operations in addition to individuals from other Alcoa locations, area businesses and Universities, and local government.

"At Alcoa, the safety of our employees is our highest priority. Bringing people together from across the region to focus on safety is a great way to share best-practices and learn from each other about how to keep our employees safe in the workplace," said Ann Whitty, Vice President & General Manager at Alcoa Warrick Operations.

Bernt Reitan, Alcoa Executive Vice President and President of Alcoa's Global Primary Products, kicked off the day by reviewing Alcoa safety initiatives around the globe and reminding employees of the opportunities they have to help keep themselves and their co-workers safe at work each day.

Joining the Alcoa employees at the training session were representatives from Anheuser-Busch, Azteca Milling, Bellwood Printing, Big Rivers Electric Corp., Flanders Electric, Fluor Global, Gribbins Insulation, Harshaw Trane, Indiana State University, MacLellan, Marshal Safety, Mead Johnson Nutritionals, Murray State University, Red Spot Paint, Safety Compliance Associates, The State Group, the Town of Newburgh, Toyota, and Vigo Coal. Other Alcoa locations sending employees included: Alcoa, TN; Crawfordsville, IN; Davenport, IA; Hot Springs, AR; Lake Charles, LA; Louisville, KY; Richmond, VA; and Pocos de Caldas, Brazil.

Steve Borkowski, Safety Manager for Warrick Operations Primary Metals, said "Employees always look forward to the Alcoa Safety School. The day provides a great opportunity to network with others and to focus on learning new skills that enhance the overall safety of our plant. The classes truly increase the expertise of our safety leaders at work and also in their every day lives."

The Plant Safety and Health Steering Committee has existed as a joint committee between Alcoa and the United Steelworkers of America Local 104 since the first metal was poured at Warrick. The group is responsible for addressing safety issues across the plant and leading initiatives to provide continuous improvement to the health and safety of the Warrick Operations employees.

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