Warrick Operations Hosts 2nd Annual Report to the Community

More than 75 community members attended Alcoa Warrick Operations' 2nd Annual Report to the Community on Thursday, May 3rd at Castle High School. Attendees were able to interact with plant leaders, learn more about the business and provide feedback about our performance in the community.

"At Alcoa, we define sustainability as using our values to build financial success, environmental excellence, and social responsibility through partnerships in order to deliver long-term benefits to our shareowners, employees, customers, suppliers, and the communities in which we operate," said Ann Whitty, Vice President and General Manager of Alcoa's Rigid Packaging Division. "Our Report to the Community is a great opportunity to share our progress toward sustainability and gain feedback from our stakeholders to improve our actions going forward."

The Report to the Community had three components to provide members of the public an opportunity to learn more about Alcoa Warrick Operations and interact with the leadership of the facility.
  • Educational Networking with employees available at five different "stations" to talk about the following topics:
  • Commitment to safety
  • Technology that drives production
  • An engaged workforce
  • Our products at work in a global market
  • Ask a manager
  • Report to the Community with location leaders presenting information regarding Warrick Operations' recent performance and strategies for building sustainability moving forward.
  • Breakout/Feedback Sessions for attendees to share feedback to members of the Warrick Operations management team.

Attendees truly appreciated the information shared that evening with 90% saying they would plan to attend a similar event in 2008. Stay tuned for information on our 3rd Annual Report to the Community coming next Spring!

Click here to download the presentation from the 2nd Annual Report to the Community.

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Warrick Recognizes Employee Excellence

A big round of applause was heard across Warrick Operations when the Rigid Packaging Business held its first formal Reward and Recognition Presentation event. The day was set aside to thank the many hard-working employees who are going above-and-beyond to make the workplace safer, save time and money, and eliminate waste throughout the system.

During the event more than 100 employees were recognized for their efforts on 20 different projects. Family members were invited to the event to help honor the employees who took time to present information about their projects and received financial rewards in addition to the recognition.

While this was the first event of its kind, plans are to do the same thing at least three times each year. It is part of an overall program designed to encourage employee suggestions and increase involvement in solving problems across the facility. Some programs focused on the environment, such as the successful installation and continuous improvement of the processes that treat waste water from our rolling mills. Other projects focused on employee safety, such as the increased use of Injury Free Event forms to make specific improvements to safety. Many projects focused on product quality and elimination of waste with some individual projects creating more than a $100,000 in savings each year.

"It's important that we take time to recognize the people who have the ideas and carry them through on their own initiative to make the business more successful," said Allison Allgaier, Alcoa Business System Manager. "This was the first of these events, but as projects currently underway at the plant show results, they will be nominated and those employees can be recognized the next time around."

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Jay Leno's EcoJet Visits Warrick Operations

Jay Leno has been keeping Alcoa engineers up late at night - but not just with his monologues. Leno challenged engineering teams at Alcoa and General Motors (GM) to create a new car to add to his extensive collection with two primary specifications; it must be high powered and environmentally friendly. To meet this challenge, Alcoa partnered with Leno's personal auto shop, called the Big Dog Garage, and GM to provide structural engineering expertise, spaceframe technology and high-performance forged aluminum wheels. The end result is Leno's jet-powered, biodiesel -fueled EcoJet concept vehicle, which was recently on display at Alcoa's Warrick Operations.

Hundreds of employees and community members stopped by to check out the car and learn about its one-of-a-kind features. "The EcoJet is an engineering feat and Alcoa proudly helped make it a reality," said Ann Whitty, vice president and general manager of Alcoa's Rigid Packaging Division. "We were so pleased to host the car on site for everyone to see up close."

"We eagerly accepted the opportunity to work with Big Dog Garage and GM on the EcoJet because their goal of developing an absolutely stunning, high-performance vehicle powered by biodiesel played right to Alcoa's area of automotive expertise," said Misha Riveros-Jacobson, president of Alcoa Auto and Truck Structures.

Alcoa's involvement on the project resulted from the company's collaboration with GM on the Cadillac Sixteen, a concept vehicle which debuted in 2003 at the North American International Auto Show. Alcoa provided the structural design and engineering for GM's Sixteen, along with its forged aluminum wheels.

The wheels for the EcoJet were produced at Alcoa's Cleveland Works by Alcoa's Forged Specialty Wheels Group. Additionally, engineers from the Alcoa Technical Center in Pittsburgh worked with GM's Advanced Design staff and Big Dog Garage to provide structural engineering, and joining and assembly resources for the EcoJet from design through construction.

Alcoa has more than two decades of experience in spaceframe design, engineering and manufacturing, and is a global leader in manufacturing forged aluminum wheels for automobiles, light and heavy trucks.

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Eight Area Seniors Awarded Alcoa Foundation Sons and Daughters Scholarships

Each year, Alcoa Foundation awards scholarships to the sons and daughters of Alcoa employees across the United States. In 2007, the Foundation awarded 67 scholarships - eight of them to the children of Warrick Alcoans. Seven of the students received a $6000 scholarship for their four-year education while the eighth student received a $3000 scholarship for their two-year education. The students were honored along with their parents at a dinner at Rolling Hills Country Club on May 31st. The annual event gives Warrick leaders an opportunity to acknowledge the hard work of the students and share in the pride of their parents.

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Never Too Late To Recognize Great Work

Last month, members of the Alcoa Fire Brigade, along with other emergency service personnel, were awarded certificates of appreciation at Cross Roads Christian Church for assisting in the response and recovery efforts from the November 6, 2005 tornado. The tornado knocked out Warrick County's central radio dispatch for several minutes. During this time, our Main Gate utilized Alcoa's radio system to assist with coordinating county fire departments. Additionally, members of the Brigade were rapidly assembled and sent to assist with the initial search and rescue efforts in the Hwy. 261 and Lincoln Ave. area. Several Brigade members were deployed for several days to assist with the community's recovery efforts. The members were proud of the work they did and their ability to assist their neighbors.

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