U.S. Senator Dan Coats visits Warrick Operations


After a visit to Alcoa Warrick Operations, U.S. Sen. Dan Coats of Indiana said he was impressed by the complexity of the facility and the work that goes into creating the coils of aluminum sheet used by customers across the globe.


The senator and five members of his staff visited Warrick Operations on June 3, touring various production centers and shaking hands and posing for some pictures with employees. The senator’s team included Brenda Goff, the region director for Coats. She is the mother of Warrick Plant Protection Officer Eddie Goff.


At the conclusion of his two-hour visit, the senator said he was very impressed by the size of the facility and the level of integration. With coal mining, power generating, aluminum smelting, casting, rolling and finishing, Alcoa Warrick Operations has an advantage that helps it compete in the global market.


During the visit, the senator also received an overview of Alcoa’s other facilities in the state of Indiana – Lafayette, LaPorte, and Auburn.


“We were very honored by senator’s visit,” said Ed Hemmersbach, the Location Manager for Warrick’s Rigid Packaging Division. “He understands the importance of what we do here as a large employer in Southwest Indiana, and we greatly appreciated the time that he spent touring our facility and meeting with employees.”


Sen. Coats was greeted by various employees in Ingot, Rolling, and Finishing. In the Rolling Department, he watched as the Reversing Mill reduced the thickness of a large ingot, the first step in transforming an ingot into a coil of aluminum sheet.


In a brief Alcoa presentation before the tour, the senator learned about the importance of low-cost, reliable energy in keeping U.S. smelting competitive. Senator Coats serves on the Senate’s Energy and Natural Resources Committee. He also serves on the Joint Economic Committee.


Alcoa Warrick Operations is currently working to develop two new surface coal mines in Warrick County, which will allow the Warrick Power Plant to control the cost of power to the smelter and RPD. The expanded use of Tri-State coal is also possible because of the investment by Alcoa in state-of-the-art environmental controls at the Warrick Power Plant.


In December of 2008, Alcoa completed the installation of wet flue gas desulphrization equipment, which removed more than 95 percent of sulfur dioxide from burning coal. It was the largest capital investment by Alcoa in North America at the time.

Teresa Kirby, a superintendent in the Finishing Department at Warrick Operations, discusses with U.S. Senator Dan Coats how Warrick slits metal to fit specific customer requirements.




U.S. Sen. Dan Coats greets Hot Mill employee Mickey Baumeyer during a stop at Warrick’s Reversing Mill.