Warrick hosts Community Meeting


Members of the community learned more about Warrick Operations during the 6th Annual Alcoa Community Meeting, which featured multiple booths and opportunities to strengthen relationships with our stakeholders.


Ed Hemmersbach, Warrick RPD Location Manager, and Royce Haws, Warrick Primary Metals Location Manager, discussed current business conditions and the milestones reached in the previous year. 


This year’s meeting took place at Newburgh Preservation Hall in downtown Newburgh, a historic setting that allowed about 100 attendees to visit and interact with Warrick’s leaders at department informational booths, which featured video tours of the plant. 

 Those who attended received free aluminum water bottles.






Click here to download a .PDF of the 2011 Community Annual Report.

Warrick Primary Location Manager Royce Haws (left) and Warrick RPD Location Manager Ed Hemmersbach (right) gave a special presentation that focused on Warrick’s business and community impact.





Warrick Primary Production Manager Rodney Cunningham (right) explains some of the materials that go into the smelting process to attendees of Alcoa’s Annual Community Meeting.










Interim Fabricated Products Manager Ken Hall (center) discusses the end stock coating process to one of the many attendees at Alcoa’s 2011 Annual Community Meeting.  Financial Analyst Thayne Chaumell (left), and Warrick RPD Controller Rachel Mays (left of Ken Hall) assist with answering questions.







Warrick RPD Plant Health and Safety Superintendent Ted Robison discusses some of Warrick’s safety measures with attendees from this year’s Annual Community Meeting.