Warrick helps drive safety for Toyota


In May, representatives from Princeton’s Toyota plant visited Warrick RPD to benchmark the processes and initiatives in place that are helping the business be one of the safest in the area as well as the industry overall.


“At Toyota, we always look at opportunities for continuous improvement, not only internally but externally as well, and not always in the automotive industry,” said Susan Elkington, Vice President of Administration for Toyota Manufacturing, Indiana, Inc.  “While looking for opportunities to benchmark safety, we were very excited to see that Alcoa Warrick Operations was among the best.”


Warrick Operations finished 2010 with a 2.02 Total Recordable Injury Rate -- well below the national average for the aluminum sheet industry which was around 3.4 percent last year, as well as the primary aluminum national average of 5.0 in 2010.



Year-to-date, Warrick RPD has a Total Recordable Injury rate of 0.65 percent.



The 10 Toyota representatives were also provided a tour of the plant as part of the visit.



“What was most impressive about the plant was the commitment to safety from the floor level all the way up through management,” said Elkington.  “There seemed to be a strong understanding that safety isn’t just one person’s job.”



After the tour, the visitors were given detailed presentations on the Human Performance initiative that has been implemented across the entire plant.



“This is not only an opportunity for Toyota to benchmark what we’re doing, but it’s verification from outside the box to let us know where we’re doing the right things to drive safety and where we need to improve,” said Ted Robison, Warrick RPD Safety and Health Superintendent.  “We’re hoping to visit Toyota in the near future to learn from them, and in turn make both our operations safer.”



Several examples of forms used to identify hazards were provided to the Toyota visitors, allowing them the opportunity to take away physical examples of the safety initiatives at Warrick Operations.



“One of the key areas of interest for us was the Human Performance aspect as well as Pre-Job Assessments,” said Elkington.  “These items are key in helping the individual identify hazards and implement things in the moment to prevent injury.



Elkington added that she was pleased to be working with a local company on such an important issue as safety.  “Because you’re local, we really should be working together to share ideas to make this whole area a safer place to work.”