Point Comfort Operations Seeks Permit to Transport Water from Jackson County


Alcoa operates a bauxite refinery located on Texas State Highway 35, in Calhoun County. We process bauxite, a red ore, to make alumina, a white powder used in the aluminum making process. We send alumina to Alcoa aluminum manufacturing plants in North America by ship and barge. Alcoa Point Comfort Operations employs 650 people plus a sizeable contractor workforce, and has an annual economic impact on the region of $300 million/year.


Back in the late 1940s Alcoa drilled five water wells on land the company purchased in Jackson County to supply process and drinking water for its Point Comfort plant.


Rules established by the Texana Groundwater Conservation District now require Alcoa to register and obtain validation permits for these five grandfathered wells, and also to seek a permit for transporting the water to its plant in Calhoun County. The company is not seeking to do anything it has not already been lawfully doing for the last 60 years or so.


As part of the permitting process, certified letters – 11,339 letters in all -- were mailed to all property owners in Jackson County and to well owners within a five mile radius of any of the 5 wells to let them know that Alcoa has applied for the required permit to continue to transport water from its wells in Jackson County to our plant in neighboring Calhoun County.


All of us at Alcoa understand that water is a vital resource to the economy and quality of life in our region.  We act on our values to protect the environment and be open, honest, and accountable.  We will continue to use water responsibly and seek ways to conserve water wherever we can.


Learn more about Alcoa’s water wells and specifics on the permit we are seeking.


For questions about Alcoa’s water wells and specifics on the water permit, please visit the Q&A.


For technical questions about the permitting or hearing process, please contact the Texana Groundwater Conservation District.