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Longview Port is Key to Jobs in Washington 


Northwest Alloys, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Alcoa, owns the former Reynolds Metals reduction plant property, located at 4029 Industrial Way in Longview, Washington. The aluminum smelter is no longer operational; however the 416-acre site remains active with ongoing clean-up activities and a dock that receives and handles raw materials for Alcoa’s Wenatchee Works.  The dock is the sole source of alumina ore for the plant, which employs 465 people in north-central Washington.  Ships arrive and are unloaded, and the ore is transported via railcar to the smelter located in Malaga.


Millennium Bulk Terminals Longview, LLC (MBTL) is the owner of the Longview plant assets, which includes the buildings and infrastructure remaining from the former smelter.  Northwest Alloys and MBTL are actively engaged in site clean-up and continue to work cooperatively with local, state and federal regulatory agencies to move the process along expeditiously.


Alcoa is an active steward and major employer in Washington State, and we are committed to remaining in the Cowlitz County community. Our mission is to see this clean-up through fruition as swiftly and thoroughly as possible, while maintaining a safe port to receive alumina ore in order to sustain vital jobs in the Pacific Northwest at our Wenatchee Works facility.


Brief History
The Reynolds Longview Reduction Plant was constructed in 1941, expanded in 1968 and operated by Reynolds until 2001. In 2001, Reynolds sold the Longview plant to Longview Aluminum as part of Reynold’s merger into Alcoa, but retained ownership of the land. Longview Aluminum later declared bankruptcy in 2003. In 2004, Chinook purchased the remaining assets, including the buildings, structures and process equipment, from the bankruptcy trustee and entered into a long-term ground lease with Reynolds, effective November 30, 2004. Reynolds assigned its obligation and interests in the lease to Northwest Alloys on September 30, 2005. Work immediately began to remove the reduction plant equipment that would not be used by Chinook; to dispose of wastes generated during the demolition process; and, to clean other equipment and buildings. Chinook was the sole operator of the plant until January 2011, when Chinook sold the plant assets to Millennium. 


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