Cultivating a oneness with nature

Lancaster Works is surrounded by some of the most lush and beautiful farmland in the United States. Part of our job is to help keep it that way. We have taken a variety of approaches for protecting and cleaning up the environment--from support and participation in community projects in both rural and urban areas, to large-scale measures that incorporate the best technology available. To that end, all of us at the plant are working very hard to achieve ISO 14001 certification, which encompasses extremely rigorous environmental protection standards.

Reducing our plant's impact on the air, water and land while building on recycling efforts and conservation practices is a commitment Lancaster Works doesn't take lightly.

In the future we will continue to:
  • Reduce air emissions by improving processes and installing new equipment to meet and surpass state and federal regulations.
  • Monitor and protect the surrounding environment from contamination by plant operations.
  • Support sustainable development by integrating environmental considerations into our business plan.
  • Work with regulators, environmentalists, and our neighbors in demonstrating our commitment to be a "good neighbor."