Visiting Lancaster Works

From Pittsburgh or Harrisburg
Take turnpike exit 19 to 283 East, or get on 283 East at the airport. Follow 283 into Lancaster. Take the exit for 741 East. Immediately after the exit, make a left onto Apollo Drive (Alcoa back entrance). Follow Apollo Drive past the Plate Facility (road bears right) and through manufacturing center. At the stop sign (Alcoa main entrance), the Guard House is to the right. Please register with the guards.

From Philadelphia International Airport
Drive west on Industrial Hwy/PA-291 West toward the Airport Exit. Turn slightly to the right onto Bartram Ave. Take the 1-95 South ramp. Merge onto I-95 South. Take the I-476 North exit. Stay left at the fork of the ramp and merge onto I-476 North. Take the I-76 West exit (exit #6B) toward Valley Forge. Merge onto I-76 West. Take the I-76 West exit on the left towards Harrisburg/Exits 23 - 1. Merge onto I-76 West. Take exit #21 toward Reading (US-222)/Lancaster. Merge onto PA-1040 West/PA-1049 West. Turn left to take the US-222 South ramp and merge onto US-222 South. Take the US-30 West/US-222 South exit towards Lancaster/York. Merge onto US-222 South/US-30 West. Stay straight to go onto US-30 West. Stay straight to go onto PA-283 West. Take PA-72/Manheim Pike exit. Turn left onto PA-72.

From Baltimore-Washington International Airport
Take I-195 West. Take the I-95 North exit (exit #4A) towards (I-695)/Baltimore. Merge onto I-95 North. Take the I-695 West exit (exit #49B) on the left towards (I-70)/Towson (I-83). Merge onto I-695 North. I-695 North becomes I-695 East/I-83 North. Take the I-83 North exit (exit #24) towards Timonium/York PA. Merge onto I-83 North. Take the PA-462/Market Street exit (exit #8). Merge onto PA-462 East. Turn left onto Memory Lane. Take the US-30 East ramp. Merge onto US-30 East. Take PA-72/Manheim Pike exit. At the bottom of the ramp turn right. Go to the third light and turn left into Alcoa

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