Environmental Stewardship for the Future


As neighbors of the Mississippi River–one of Nature's most spectacular waterways–we at Davenport Works have a tremendous sense of awe and respect for the environment.Davenport Alcoans, both as a workforce and as individuals, understand and appreciate our obligation to preserve our air, water and wildlife resources for future generations.


Our involvement in the environment takes many forms. These include large budget and technically intensive solutions, such as working to achieve ISO 1400 certification that encompasses strict environmental protection standards. Equally as important is our support for the smaller scale environmental projects and efforts of the community and Alcoa employees, including land conservation, tree and seed planting and cleanup programs.

A short list of what Davenport Works has achieved in environmental protection includes:

  • Recycling 97% of the water we use, reducing discharge to the river by 92%.
  • Greatly lowered chlorine consumption for water treatment.
    Reduced use of perchlorethylene (for cleaning of metal surfaces) by 90%.
  • Eliminated the use of spray paint containing trichlorethylene.
    Removed all underground chemical/fuel storage tanks to eliminate potential underground leaks.
  • To improve in-plant air quality, we converted more than 100 pieces of diesel equipment to soy biodesel.


Honeysuckles were no match for these volunteers helping to clear undergrowth on Smith's Island. The project is part of Living Lands and Waters efforts to reforest riverbanks and islands in the QC area. Alcoa is a sponsor of these cleanups.


Global EHS Goals

Learn more about the Strategic Framework for Sustainability


Ten Million Trees

Learn about Alcoa's goal of planting ten million trees by 2020


Alcoa Davenport Works Environmental Health and Safety Policy

Alcoa Davenport Works policy is to operate in a manner that respects the health and safety of our employees and customers and minimizes any adverse environmental impact to the community in which we operate.
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