A pair of bald eagles joined the Alcoa Davenport community in Iowa in 2009. They built their 7-foot nest on our 400-acre facility in a tree near the Mississippi River. In the spring of 2010 they fledged a pair of eaglets and later that year we installed our first Eaglecam. Employees and the community helped name the eagle pair Liberty and Justice. Each year we use an online poll to name the eaglets.

Since the camera was installed nearly 27 million visitors from around the world have tuned in to witness an American icon, the bald eagle, developing live within this unique eco-system. In the fall and winter the eagles use the nest to eat and prepare the nest for the next season. Eagles nesting in Iowa typically lay eggs in mid-late February and the eggs hatch in mid-late March. The eaglets grow quickly and are ready to fly “fledge” in late May or early June. Alcoa is proud that our unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability is helping conserve our precious natural resources.

Meet the Alcoa Eagles 

  • Nest built in a cottonwood tree near the Mississippi River
  • Nest is about 80-85 feet above the ground
  • Female is named Liberty and male is named Justice
  • Nest built in 2009
  • First eaglets hatched in spring of 2010 (two eaglets fledged that year before the camera was installed)
  • Spring 2011 the pair fledged one eaglet named Freedom
  • Spring 2012 the pair fledged three eaglets named Faith, Hope and Spirit
  • Spring 2013 the pair fledged two eaglets named Honor and Glory
  • Spring 2014 the pair fledged one eaglet named Rudy
  • Spring 2015 the pair did not have a successful hatch
  • Liberty and Justice reside here in the Quad Cities year-round  


About Alcoa Davenport Works, Iowa, USA

  • Alcoa Davenport Works has a longstanding commitment to the environment
  • The plant has conducted annual briefings for local environmental groups for the past 20+ years
  • The plant has reduced air emissions by over 97% since 1988
  • The nest is about 85 feet off the ground in a tree about 100 yards from the Mississippi River
  • The plant installed the original camera in November 2010, there are now two camera views to choose from
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