August 27, 2012
Almost three thousand guests celebrated Alcoa Fjardaál’s anniversary

Almost three thousand  people attended a festival at the Alcoa Fjardaál site in Reydarfjordur, Iceland, when the company celebrated the five year anniversary of the smelter on Sunday, 26 August. Alcoa staff and families got together with the local community and enjoyed various kinds of entertainment for all ages.

Regular tours of the smelter were offered, and many of the guests toured the premises in buses and on foot. Nordfjördur Brass Band played a few tunes and famous opera singer Bergthór Pálsson sang with Gladur, a men’s choir from Eskifjördur. The smelter’s local rock music band, Álbandid, played on an outdoors stage and the Fjardabyggd Fire Department exhibited their technical equipment while the children played in a bouncy castle and enjoyed some ice cream or candy floss. Standup comedians and magicians performed with great success, and from the National Theatre, two actors in the costumes of Climbing Mouse and Micky the Fox from Thorbjörn Egner’s “Other Animals in the Hunchback Wood” were immensely popular. The Coney Island Babies played a few songs from their new CD.
The smelter canteen was crowded with people who were served refreshments while listening to the group HildirHans’ soft music tones and viewing an exhibit of art items by Icelandic designers, made of aluminum.
Janne Sigurdsson, Director of Alcoa Fjardaál, addressed the guests at the opening of the festival, and said that she was proud of the opportunity to actively participate in the “birth and early years” of the smelter for the past five years and bringing it to the place where it is now. “A five year old birthday child has a lot of aunts and uncles, and also grandparents. This also applies to Fjardaál: it has a large family in East Iceland, which has stood behind the company and supported it through the baby steps. Everybody has joined in to get Fjardaál going and create the conditions for it to keep growing and developing long into the future," she said.
In the evening, there was a concert in the East Iceland Music Centre to celebrate the 120 years anniversary of local musician Ingi T. Lárusson. The concert was hosted by Fjardaál and so well attended that the hall almost burst. It represented, with flying colours, the formal closure of the Alcoa Fjardaál five year anniversary.

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Magic at Fjardaál

Ingó the magician performed and the children were in awe of his tricks. They also saw magic happen inside the smelter where Fjardaál's employees have been performing magic by turning alumina into aluminum for five years now.

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Bouncy castle

The children loved the bouncy castle and the huge slide.

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Ahhh, sweet!

These three young girls had some candy floss while listening to music and enjoying other forms of entertainment.

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Fire department

The Fjardabyggd Fire Department showed some of their technical gear, much of which has been sponsored by Alcoa.

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Young visitor

This young man toured the smelter and therefore had to wear a helmet - which was a welcome addition to the venture.