June 9, 2012
Alcoa Fjardaál potlining facility now in operation: An investment of 36 million dollars

Oddný G. Hardardóttir, Minister of Industry and Acting Minister of Finance, and Janne Sigurdsson, director of Alcoa Fjardaál, formally opened the new Fjardaál potlining facility in Reydarfjordur today, in the presence of members of Parliament, town council members and other invited guests. Several Fjardaál employees also attended the ceremony. After the opening, the potlining facility started operations and thus the construction of the smelter, which started in 2004, has been completed.

The cost of the new facility amounts to 36 million dollars. The groundbreaking ceremony took place in 2010 and the construction has taken about 18 months. A representative of the Canadian engineering company Hatch handed over the key to the potlining facility to Alcoa Fjardaál‘s employees at the opening ceremony today. Hatch was in charge of the construction in collaboration with HRV Engineering. About 100 people worked on the construction at the peak of the project.
Bids have been invited for the operation of the potlining facility and VHE has been chosen to operate it in accordance with the strict demands that Alcoa makes as regards environmental and safety issues. VHE has hired around 60 people to work on potlining and pot repairs. The operation will partly be located in the new potlining facility and partly in VHE‘s shop on the smelter site.
"I am happy to be here with you at this turning point,“ said Oddný Hardardóttir, Minister of Industry and Acting Minister of Finance, in her address at the ceremony. "As Minister of Industry I celebrate the fact that several jobs are being created here, and as Minister of Finance I celebrate because of the increased business and therefore more revenues for the State Treasury. The smelter in Reydarfjördur has proved to be an important leverage for East Iceland: the number of residents has increased by 1,000 since the smelter started operations.“


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Construction is finished

Oddný Hardardóttir, Minister Industry and Acting Minister of Finance (right) and Janne Sigurdsson, Director of Alcoa Fjardaál, cut the ribbon to formally open the new potlining facility.

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SPL building

The new construction consists of three buildings: the Spent Pot Lining (SPL) building, the Potlining Facility and an Administration building. The photo is taken in the SPL building: a pot in the front, an excavator (for breaking SPL) in the back, and at the far end a powerful exhaust system to ensure that no pollution enters the air outside.

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Potlining Facility

The Potlining area is a state-of-the-art facility with prime conditions for lining new pots for the smelter.