May 11, 2012
Minister visits the Alcoa Fjardaál smelter

The Icelandic government met in Egilsstadir, East Iceland on Tuesday. One of the reasons for the visit was to sign agreements on projects in East Iceland to the amount of about 8 million dollars. Projects encouraging innovation and development for the fishing and aluminium industries are among those to be funded. Oddný G. Hardardóttir, Minister of Finance and appointed Minister of Industry, used the opportunity to visit Alcoa Fjardaál with her assistant, Gunnar Tryggvason.

They took a tour of the smelter and met with Janne Sigurdsson, Managing Director of Alcoa Fjardaál, Magnús Thór Ásmundsson, Country Manager for Alcoa Iceland, and other members of the Fjardaál management.
In the meeting, Janne and Magnús introduced the operation of Alcoa Fjardaál smelter and possibilities for the development of its production, in addition to operating conditions and growth possibilities for the aluminum industry in general in Iceland. They also presented the qualities of aluminum, which is environmentally friendly because of its lightweight quality, various possibilities for use and 100% recyclability. It is remarkable that around 75% of all aluminum produced from the beginning is still in use today, and that only 5% of the power used for producing aluminum is needed for recycling it. After the tour and the meeting, the guests had dinner with the Fjardaál management in the smelter canteen.

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Oddný Hardardóttir, Minister of Finance, with Magnús Thór Ásmundsson, country manager for Alcoa in Iceland (left) and Smári Kristinsson, casthouse manager (right).