May 31, 2012
Successful Community Day in East Iceland

Around 350 volunteers from Fjardabyggd, Fljótsdalshérad and Seydisfjördur – three communities in East Iceland – worked on various projects in the summer heat last Saturday. Alcoa Fjardaál employees arranged 4 ACTION-projects for the occasion, which are supported by the Alcoa Foundation. Volunteering is part of being an Alcoan in communities worldwide.

Among the projects done in East Iceland on Saturday were cleaning up and planting trees by the swimming pool in Eskifjördur, making a hiking trail from the Petra Stone Museum to the harbour in Stödvarfjördur and tree planting around the beach volleyball court in Neskaupstadur.

A large sports field in Egilsstadir was renovated and a group of people got together to make the town center more alluring for visitors and the local people. The Theater Club in Seydisfjördur showed chosen scenes from the play “The Pelican”  in the local Hospital and volunteers set up a memorial by Gálgaklettur in Egilsstadir where the famous folk hero Valtýr, was slain.

The communities of Fjardabyggd, Fljótsdalshérad and Seydisfjördur, in collaboration with Alcoa Fjardaál, initiated the Community Day to encourage people to get together and serve their community with volunteer work for one day. As far as the developers know, it is an unprecedented initiative, with the involvement of so many communities, companies and NGOs. Volunteers worked for four hours and then got together over a BBQ to have hot dogs and soft drinks in the wonderful weather.

The ACTION-projects done by Alcoa Fjardaál employees, were in Egilsstadir, Seydisfjordur and Fjardabyggd. By contributing a certain amount of volunteer work hours in their community, employees can apply for a grant from the Alcoa Foundation in the USA to support the NGO which they worked for. The highest grant available – with ten or more participants from Fjardaál – is 3,000 US$. Fjardaál employees were outstanding in their volunteer work in East Iceland last year. 76% of them volunteered, earning around 120,000 US$ through Bravo and ACTION-grants for various NGOs and projects.

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Neskaupstadur: Beach volleyball court

Around 30 volunteers worked on an ACTION-project to improve a volleyball court, plant trees and more. In 2012, all Fjardaál volunteers wear orange T-shirts.

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Egilsstadir: Outdoor sports field

Outdoor sports facilities in Egilsstadir got a facelift with an ACTION-project for Höttur sports club. Höttur will get a grant of 3,000 US$ from the Alcoa Foundation.

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Reydarfjordur: Better playground

Fjardaál volunteers initiated an ACTION-project for the Parent's Association of the local elementary school, setting up equipment to encourage children to play and increase physical action.

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Great weather!

The volunteers were blessed with the best day of the year so far, as regards weather. It was over 20°C and the children played on the volleyball field while mom, dad and older siblings volunteered.