October 7, 2011
Smelter and nearby buildings lit in pink for cancer awareness month

Some constructions on the Alcoa Fjardaál smelter site, including the alumina conveyor belt, are lit up in pink during the month of October - cancer awareness month.  

Several companies in Iceland participate in the Icelandic Cancer Association's "Pink Month of October" to raise breast cancer awareness. The University of Iceland, concert halls and publlic buildings are bathed in pink lights, which adds a special flavour to the month with dwindling daylight.
On the Alcoa Fjardaál smelter site, the conveyor belt which moves alumina from the harbour to the alumina silo, is lit up in pink, and the service building, too.
Sómastadir, an old stone building across the road from the smelter, has also ben lit up in pink. Alcoa Fjardaál and the Alcoa Foundation have made it possible to completely renovate and preserve this historical building (click here to view news item).

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Sómastadir in pink

The old stone building at Sómastadir, lit up in pink.

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Almost 400 m of pink lights

The alumina conveyor belt glows pink in the dark October night.