October 26, 2011
Alcoa Fjardaál receives AOSH Company of the Year Award

Alcoa Fjardaál has received the Icelandic Administration of Occupational Safety and Health's (AOSH) recognition as the Company of the Year for its Central Workshop. The AOSH presents the award once a year to a company that has shown excellence in a particular field in the spotlight that year.

Alcoa Fjardaál received the award for an outstandingly well organized and neat Central Workshop. Occupational health is prioritized in the workshop and all the necessary safety resources are easily available. A Risk Assessment has been performed for the workshop and a pre-job risk assessment is run before any maintenance project is started. The AOSH states that the workshop is outstanding in every issue related to maintenance work.
Safe maintenance is the focus of this year’s European Week for Safety and Health at Work (24 - 28 October) with a series of awareness-raising events, including workshops, seminars and exhibitions taking place all over Europe. The Icelandic AOSH conducted a conference on the issue on October 25th, where presentations and introductions about safe maintenance were given, and companies showing great success in safe maintenance, were recognized.
The AOSH in Iceland’s webpage states: “Maintenance and repairs conducted after machinery breaks down, is essenteially hazardous work. When something breaks down, a non-routine condition arises, different from the work that production workers perform on a daily basis. Failures also mean delays and extra costs. Working under time-pressure is also typical for maintenance operations, especially when shutdowns or high-priority repairs are involved. Here, two risk issues are combined: unusual conditions, which may be totally unknown, and the fact that the work has to be done in the shortest time possible. Breakdowns and failures involve enormous risk.  It is estimated that around 15-20% of all accidents and 10-15% of all fatal accidents in Europe are related to maintenance operations.”
Although Alcoa Fjardaál is a fairly new company which reached full production capacity only 3 years ago, the company's principles, based on Alcoa's global policies, have already been recognized. In 2008, Alcoa Fjardaál received the Icelandic Gender Equality Award.
Read more about the European Week for Safety and Health at Work here.

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Presentation of the award

From left: Snorri Jökull Benediktsson, maintenance coach, Alcoa Fjardaál, Thórdur Valdimarsson, coach ERPEP Team Mobile, Alcoa Fjardaál and Thorvaldur Hjardar, East-Iceland AOSH representative.

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The cleanest maintenance shop in Iceland?

You can say for certain that the Central Workshop sparkles and shines - not a speck of dust, oil or grime is to be seen.

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Caring for the plant - and for houseplants

Housekeeping in the Central Shop is exemplary and the green houseplants show how much the employees care about, and take pride in their working environment. On Tuesdays, every plant is assigned to a caretaker who is responsible for its welfare, watering it and spraying twice a week. The caretaker chooses his or her successor for the following week. To make the job easier, each pot has instructions on how to best take care of this particular plant.