August 16, 2011
The Giant of the Eastfjords is focused on safety

The annual Giant of the Eastfjords power lifting championships was held from 11-13 August in various places in East Iceland. It was a tight competition and Georg Ögmundsson and Ari Gunnarsson fought hard for the first place. The results were not clear until after the last event, when it was announced that Georg had won the championship. This is the second time he earns that title, as he was also the Giant of the Eastfjords in 2007.

The championship was held now for the 11th time, and it has become one of the biggest weightlifting competitions in Iceland. Participants compete in twelve events in four days, in places from the northeast to the southeast coast of Iceland. The fact that aluminium is a major industry in this part of the country, as the Alcoa Fjardaál smelter is in the center of the area, was reflected in the events, which included aluminum chunk wall-building and aluminum chunk lifting, which took place above the Fjardaál smelter in Reydarfjordur.

Georg Ogmundsson is certainly not unfamiliar with aluminum as he works as a safety coordinator in the Alcoa Fjardaál potroom. He first participated in the Giant of the Eastfjords championships in 2006, won the title in 2007, came in second last year, and won it again this year. This summer he also participated in the Giant of the Westfjords championship, the Iceland’s Strongest Man championships and a powerlifting competition in Milwaukee, USA.
“Let’s say that I’ve done OK this summer,” said Georg, “but it has often been a close call. This summer has more or less revolved around winning the Giant of the Eastfjords championships, as this is my home turf. There was no doubt in my mind – I came in to win, and I tried harder in this competition than in any of the others. Here, the audience knows me, and the kids come to see Linda and Benni’s dad compete. You cannot give in under these circumstances!”
Alcoa Fjardaál has been among the sponsors of the Giant of the Eastfjords championships for the past few years, and the company invited the competitors to breakfast and dinner in the smelter’s impressive canteen. The company has also supported Georg in his competitions this summer. „The support is invaluable and has enabled me to participate in these championships, which hopefully bounces back as a positive image for the company in our community,” said Georg.

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Aluminum raised above the smelter

Safety coordinator Georg Ogmundsson seems to lift the 100 kg aluminum chunk above the Alcoa Fjardaál smelter (in the background).

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Aluminum chunk wall

Georg runs with the 100 kg aluminum chunk in the "Build a wall" event in Breiddalsvik, a small town in East Iceland.